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By contacting Deallow Ltd you will receive more than 50 years of experience and knowledge gained from actual On Site Contracting, in every possible section of the Oil Industry.

From the 1950's in the construction of the Isle of Grain Refinery to our business today which has involved four generations of our family.

With this wealth of experience we are unlike most other Companies who list their Clients & Contracts.

It would be easier for us to list those who we have NOT completed contracts for, if we can think of one!

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covering every section of the Oil & Petroleum Industry.


Our Safety Record :

Since the start in 1955 No Claim has ever made by or against us, which makes our Safety Record unbeatable with our experience & knowledge of  Health & Safety Policy. Our record in part is due to our in house developed Safety Procedures.

Inquiries Large or Small:

rom Oil Company's to Householder's, all are treated with same respect and thoroughness. Only the best advice is offered and quoted for, with safety in mind.

Since 1982 Deallow Ltd:

e have become involved with numerous Transport & Private Company's on Refuelling Installations.

For our Call-Out's, Routine Maintenance and Inspection Visits a Full Report is given each time.

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